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2nd International Workshop on Electronic Voting, Austria 2-4 August 2006

Carol Boughton, Managing Director, Software Improvements to present paper on "Maintaining Democratic Values in e-Voting with eVACS®" at the 2nd International Workshop on Electronic Voting.

The aim of the Workshop is to bring together e-voting specialists working in academia, politics, government and industry in order to

  • Discuss all forms of electronic voting (including but not limited to polling station, kiosk or remote voting by electronic means).
  • Formulate the interdisciplinary issues involved (technology, law, politics and society) in designing and implementing e-voting.
  • Present new ways of solving the voting paradigm of unequivocal identification of the voter and full anonymity of the vote.
  • Report on implementations, their legal, organisational and technical framework, the project experience made, and future plans.
  • Analyse the interrelationship with and the effects of e-voting on, democratic institutions and processes as well as voter behaviour.
  • Conduct a social and political analysis of the effects of electronic voting.
  • Report on practical experience in implementing and conducting elections with electronic voting parts.
  • Discuss security requirements and testing in accordance to international security standards i.e. Common Criteria or ITSEC.
  • Evaluate electronic voting, the effects of it and how to evaluate experiments.

A report on the 2nd International Workshop on Electronic Voting will be provided in mid-August.

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