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The Police Association Victoria goes online with eVACS®

eVACS® is enabling The Police Association Victoria to conduct online elections for Delegates, and Occupational Health and Safety Representatives and Deputies.

The Police Association Election Returning Officer is electronically:

  1. managing the electoral roll of members eligible to nominate or vote in a particular election;
  2. calling for nominations via an email to all eligible members;
  3. starting an election;
  4. advising members via email when voting has commenced;
  5. determining the outcome of the election;
  6. advising members via email of the outcome of an election; and
  7. easily managing multiple elections at the same period.

Members can electronically:

  1. nominate as a candidate for a particular election;
  2. seek endorsement of their nomination or endorse another member's nomination (required for delegate nominations); and
  3. vote in an election.

The benefits to the Police Association from using eVACS® are:

  1. Significant reduction in time and dollar costs in creating and running an election.
  2. Elimination of the time and dollar costs of the postal process.
  3. Increase in the accuracy and speed of the vote counting process.
  4. Reduction in the overall amount of effort required to run elections.
  5. Reduction in the time from which an election is required to when it is held and the results determined.
  6. Enforcement of anonymity.
  7. Reduction in the effort required by voters to participate.
  8. Increase in member participation in elections.
  9. Increase in the ability to conduct elections simultaneously by reducing reliance on human resources and potential for time delays.
  10. Significant reduction in overall time of election process with reduced polling period due to elimination of mail delivery times.

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