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eVACS® to be used at the next Australian Federal election

Electronic voting is to be available throughout the pre-polling period, and on election day, in every State and Territory across Australia at the next Federal election. 

The eVACS® software has been modified to operate with a standard telephone-style keypad to provide greater assistance to voters who are blind or vision impaired.  Voters have the choice of four different screen display combinations of screen colours and font sizes, together with audio guidance.  In addition, one of the keys on the keypad now provides context-specific information via audio to assist voters at any time during the voting process.

Software Improvements chooses to work with local suppliers of hardware and services.  For this contract in Australia, UXC Limited, which operates Australia-wide is the main hardware and service provider.  Ingenium Technologies Pty Ltd designed and manufactured the telephone-style keypads, as well as tamper-proof cases for the PCs being used for the electronic voting machines.

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