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eVACS® 'Highy Commended' in Consensus Software Awards

At the Consensus Software Awards Dinner on 9 November 2011, eVACS® was 'Highly Commended' by the judges who wrote:

"A highly specialised application, eVACS® has been purpose built to facilitate a secure voting solution for the undertaking of large scale public or private elections. Integrating and synchronising lanhuahe displays, audio and key pad controls has allowed voting instructions to be provided in any nominated language.

Naturally this feature also facilitates access to visually and hearing impaired voters where for the first time they will be able to cast a totally confidential ballot. Leveraging a cut down 'essential only' Linux operating system, eVACS® provides exceptionally high levels of security ensuring integrity and validity in the outcomes. There were many innovative features which impressed the judges as did the systems exceptional performance within the very tight process constraints mandated by the Electoral Commission."

Carol Boughton, Software Improvements, receives 'Highly Commended' certificate from the Hon Malcolm Turnbull
Photo: Courtesy of Consensus Software Awards

The Software Improvements eVACS® team at the Consensus Software Awards
From left to right: Clive Boughton, Joanne Russell, Carol Boughton and Richard Walker
Photo: Software Improvements

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