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Achievement - The Police Association (2006)


Members of the Police Association of Victoria (TPA) vote for delegates (approximately 50 Areas of Representation) and Occupational Health and Safety Representatives and Deputies for some 130 Designated Work Groups. Members are assigned to a single Designated Work Group within an Area of Representation.  Four members of the twelve body Executive Committee are also elected each year for a three year period. This election is open to all members.

TPA has approximately 185 elections throughout the year. The method of voting and counting for each contest is the same: single preference (i.e. select one of the candidates), first past the post. Voting is anonymous (voter names are not recorded on ballots).

TPA required Software Improvements to develop a system that:

  • improves their ability to conduct their regular elections held on behalf of their members
  • is easy to use for both the members and the administrator
  • offers voter anonymity
  • generates automated "don't forget to vote" e-mails sent to Voters yet to cast a vote, before close of polls
  • is secure

The system developed by Software Improvements for TPA (eVACS-TPA) is a customisation of Software Improvements' eVACS® Internet voting system.  eVACS-TPA allows for basic elector roll management, contest creation, the candidate nomination process, electronic casting of votes, and electronic counting and reporting of results.

The features and benefits of eVACS-TPA are:

Feature Benefit
Call for nominations Emails can be sent to eligible members requesting registration as a candidate.

eVACS-TPA also allows for on-line endorsement by another member of a candidate's nomination.

Creating an election An election can be created electronically, and voters can commence voting, in a matter of minutes from the time an election is announced.
Ballots Ballots are created and stored electronically. the costs associated with designing and printing ballots disappear.
Postage The time and costs associated with postage are no longer applicable.
Tallying of votes Votes are tallied electronically. Sorting and grouping through returned ballots is no longer required.
Counting Accurate electronic counting of votes occurs within seconds of the close of polls.
Result reporting Results can be posted on a Website as soon as the count is complete.
Interim reporting A daily report of the number of members who have voted (but not details of their vote) can be generated.