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Software Improvements (then Cohesive Strategies) has since 1992 been providing a wide variety of software process improvement services. In May 1996 the company acquired a well established specialist Ada consultant and Ada product distributorship.

The acquisition formed a natural partnership as the Ada community has long played a leading role in formulating and implementing leading-edge software development processes.

The fusion of the two firms generated a synergy which has led to Software Improvements success in areas far distant from its original focus.

In 2004, Software Improvements executed an Agreement with the Software Development Research Foundation (SDRF) in relation to the commercialisation of SoDIS™ Project Auditor.

The SDRF was founded to improve software quality and is an association between Don Gotterbarn (now Emeritus Professor at East Tennessee State University) Simon Rogerson (Professor in Computer Science at De Montfort University, UK), and David Gleason (Information Ethics Inc., Boston). The SoDIS™ methodology was developed by the SDRF and is a cost-effective, value-building approach that results in highly successful projects and developer maturity. The SoDIS™ Project Auditor Prototype, created by the SDRF, was limited to the windows operating environment and need flat files for data storage. Software Improvements has redeveloped and enhanced SoDIS™ Project Auditor to operate in Windows, Mac and Linux environments and currently stores all data in a PostgreSQL database. It addresses project management risks and provides a framework for stakeholder impact analysis based on the work breakdown structure (WBS) of the project or program under review.