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For Students

SoDIS™ Project Auditor (SPA) is a proven tool to assist in the identification of stakeholders, and analysis of the impact of a project on stakeholders.

With a Student license a student is able to work on their project in an installation of SPA on their own equipment in their own time at any location. Projects created in one of the Windows, Mac or Linux environments can be accessed in either of the other two environments.

A Student license of SPA, with all functionality accessible is available for a period corresponding to the length of the teaching course. When a Student license expires, all information within SPA will still be viewable but no new information can be entered or reports printed.

A Student license can be upgraded to a Full license at a discounted price if the upgrade is purchased within 6 months of the Student license expiring.

Student Licensing Arrangements:

SPA Student uses

SPA License requirements

Evaluation - 21 days Free 21-day license

Personal use - single installation

Student license - valid for 6 months, including support

Commercial activities, whether paid or unpaid - single installation

Full license required

Upgrade licensing arrangements

Upgrade evaluation license to student license

Purchase on line

Upgrade evaluation license to full license

Purchase on line

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