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For Industry

SoDIS™ Project Auditor (SPA):

  • Based on solid research
  • Developed by people with extensive expertise and skills in the SoDIS™ methodology
  • People involved have received International Awards in Ethics for their ground breaking work
  • Has been used on major applications e.g. electronic voting trials in the UK, medical project in the UK, and a health project in New Zealand
  • Comes preloaded with targeted sets of questions based on qualitative and ethics principles
    • Domain specific sets of additional questions can be incorporated
  • Contains an extensive list of project types and stakeholder roles
    • Additional project types and stakeholder roles can be incorporated
  • Helps to focus on core issues of why and what is being attempted by the user or organisation through a project
  • Enables pre-audits at the beginning of each development phase for avoiding qualitative risks (no other tool specifically supports this)
  • Leading questions help to fully scope a project by encouraging consideration of all relevant issues and potential risks

Licensing Arrangements:

SPA Industry use

SPA License requirement

Evaluation - 21 days

Free 21-day license

Commercial application - single user

Full license required per installation, including support for the first 12 months

Commercial application - unlimited users in a LAN

Full license including support for the first 12 months

No limitation to number of copies installed within a LAN

Commercial application during validity period of license

Limited license per installation, including support

A limited license is available for a specified number of months.

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At the expiry of a Limited license, all information entered into SPA is still viewable, however no new information can be added or reports printed.