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SoDIS™ Terminology




  • Software Development Impact Statement
  • A project report produced by SoDIS™ Project Auditor as an output to a SoDIS™ Analysis for a specific project
  • A method of addressing project needs and modifying project tasks (or requirements) to address qualitative risks, encompassing social, professional and ethical issues

SoDIS™ Analysis

  • An implementation of the SoDIS Process®

SoDIS™ Audit

  • Application of a SoDIS™ Analysis to a pre-determined sub-set of a project's tasks

SoDIS™ Inspection Process

  • An approach to identifying the areas of a SoDIS™ Analysis for a particular project which are more likely to be of concern and their re-analysis through iterative SoDIS™ Analyses
  • A description of elements comprising a SoDIS™ Inspection Process
    • Context scoping
    • SoDIS™ Audit
    • Concerns clustering
    • Cluster guided SoDIS™ Analysis (reaudit)
    • Analysis summary

SoDIS™ Project Auditor

  • A decision support tool (software application) for analysing the impact of a software development project throughout its lifecycle
    • Enables undertaking a SoDIS™ Analysis
    • Information is stored in a database to support generation of reports at any time during the life of a project
    • Also includes a Preliminary Analysis to assess if a project is ready to proceed

SoDIS Process®

  • A description of the elements of SoDIS™ (3rd definition) comprising
    • Identification of the tasks (or requirements) comprising a project
    • Identification of the project stakeholders
    • Assessment of the impact of the project tasks (or requirements) on the stakeholders via answering a series of questions and the identification of any concerns and their solutions