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Descriptions of the SoDIS Process:

Gotterbarn, D and Rogerson, S (2005) - Responsible Risk Analysis for Software Development: Creating the Software Development Impact Statement, published in Communications of the Association for Information Systems, Volume 15, Article 40.

Rogerson, S and Gotterbarn D (1998) - The ethics of software project management in G. Colleste (Ed.), Ethics and information technology. Delhi: New Academic Publisher.

SoDIS papers presented at NACCQ Conferences and available on-line:

Gotterbarn, D. (2001) - Keynote: Understanding and Reducing Project Failure: The Ethics of Project Management, Proceedings of the NACCQ Conference, Napier, New Zealand, July 2001 (

Gotterbarn, D., Clear, T. and Kwan, C-T. (2004) - Managing Software Requirements Risks with Software Development Impact Statements, Proceedings of the NACCQ Conference, Christchurch, New Zealand (

Clear, T., McHaney, R. Gotterbarn, D. (2003) SoDIS SEPIA -Collaborative Partnerships in Software Engineering Research, In NACCQ Conference, Vol. 1 (Ed, Mann, S.), Palmerston North, July 2003. (

Koh, D. (2003) - Using SoDIS for Target Audience Analysis: a Fresh Field Application, Proceedings of the NACCQ Conference, Palmerston North, New Zealand, July 2003 (

Kwan C-T, Hitchcock, L., Clear, T., Gotterbarn, D and Simpson, S (2005) - Refining the SoDIS Process in the field: A COTS Project as a context for Risk Analysis, Proceedings of the NACCQ Conference Tauranga, New Zealand, July 2005 (

Smith, L, & Mann, S. (2003) - Assessment of ethical processes in computing education: Are we clean? How to tell? In NACCQ Conference, Vol. 1 (Eds, Mann, S. and Williamson, A.) Palmerston North, New Zealand. (

Other SoDIS related papers:

Davey, I. (2003) Presentation to SoDIS Symposium on the Use of SoDIS In Teaching Ethics, In SoDIS Symposium, (Eds, Mann, S. and Williamson, A.), Proceedings of the NACCQ Conference, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Clear, T., & Gotterbarn, D. (2003) - Research on Qualitative Risk Identification with Software Development Statements. Paper presented at the First Software Engineering Subject Conference, Auckland University.

Fairweather, B. & Rogerson, S. (2001) - Technical Options Report, this publication is only available online and was accessed on 27 February 2009 at

Gotterbarn, D., & Clear, T. (2004) - Using SoDIS as a Risk Analysis Process: A Teaching Perspective. Paper presented at the Sixth Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE2004), Dunedin. (

Gotterbarn, D. (2001) - Reducing Software Failures: Addressing The Ethical Risks Of The Software Development Lifecycle, The Australian Journal of Information Systems, 9, (2)

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McHaney, R. (2004) - Editorial: SoDIS and IT Education,