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SoDIS™ Project Auditor

What is SPA?

  • A decision support tool for analysing the impact on stakeholders of software development throughout the lifecycle of any project via a SoDIS™ Analysis.
  • A means to undertake a SoDIS™ Analysis to identify, in advance, significant ways in which the completion of the individual tasks (or requirements) that constitute a project, may negatively impact stakeholders, drawing on qualitative and ethics principles.
  • A complementary tool for best practice project and risk management, providing significant improvement in identifying the broad range of stakeholders in any particular project, and enabling the identification of stakeholder-related risks and the treatment of those risks.

Features of SPA

  • Supports multiple projects, each with extensive numbers of stakeholders and project tasks
  • Contains default lists of stakeholder roles for specific project types
  • New stakeholder roles and project types can be incorporated
  • The core sets of issues used to form questions for a SoDIS™ Analysis can be extended by incorporation of new risk categories and issues
  • Also includes 'Preliminary Analysis' - an assessment to establish readiness of a project to proceed
  • Stakeholders identified for either a Preliminary Analysis or a SoDIS™ Analysis may be interchanged for the same project
  • Designed to operate with any database with ODBC - currently uses a PostgreSQL database as the medium for the storage of project and analysis information, together with user account details.
  • Supports file sharing between SPA installations - export and import of SPA project files
  • Written in Java for platform independence - operates on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Projects started in one operating system environment can be exported, and then imported into an alternative environment
  • Imports tasks (or requirements) lists - from Microsoft Project and plain text files