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14 Janurary 2013
"The ethics of citizen surveillance systems" - a SoDIS™ analysis published in Information Age
The January/February 2013 edition of Information Age (, a publication of the Australian Computer Society (, contains the article - 'The ethics of citizen surveillance systems', in which the authors Mike Bowern and Carol Boughton apply the SoDIS™ framework to examine the impact on stakeholders of a system for electronic surveillance of citizens.

27 April 2012
PC World Campus Edition launched in the Philippines, including lessons on how to manage risk on software development projects

A series of 10 lessions written by Dr Clive Boughton, Principle Consultant Software Improvements, and explaining SoDIS™ (Software Development Impact Statement) is being published on PC World Campus Edition Philippines.

27 April 2012
SoDIS™ at Systems Engineering and Test Evaluation Conference (SETE 2012) - Brisbane, Australia: 30 April - 2 May, 2012
Dr Clive Boughton is presenting a paper "Project Stakeholder & Risk Management: A simple but thorough approach" in the afternoon of 2 May 2012 at SETE 2012.

3 August 2011
SPA shown to be a successful, ethical auditing process, effectively applying the SoDIS auditing techniques

The Software Development Impact Team at the Auckland University of Technology have concluded that "the SoDIS Project Auditor software ... at its foundation it is a successful, ethical risk auditing process, effectively applying the SoDIS auditing techniques ...."

3 August 2011
'Professionalism Taking Root' paper for ETHICOMP 2011

Malgortze Plotka (PJWSTK) and Clive Boughton (ANU) are presenting 'Professionalism Taking Root' at ETHICOMP 2011 to be held in Sheffield, England 14-16 September 2011 (see The paper provides support for SoDIS/SPA being a reasonable methodology/tool (respectively) for helping everyone associated with projects to think more broadly and ethically about things that are typically taken for granted.

14 Februray 2011
Poland-Japan Institute of Information Technology (PJWSTK) completes evaluation of SPA

During 2010 the Poland-Japan of Information Technology (PJWSTK) in Gdansk, Poland incorparated the SoDIS methodology and use of the SoDIS Project Auditor (SPA) tool into a new course "Social Aspects of Computing".

May 31 2010
New book released - Stakeholder and Risk Management with SoDIS

Softimp Publishing has released their latest book Stakeholder and Risk Management with SoDIS by Carol Boughton and Clive Boughton.

May 31 2010
SoDIS Project Auditor (SPA) version 5 available

With SoDIS Project Auditor (SPA) version 5, users can now create projects on any supported platform (Windows, Mac or Linux) and then work on those projects from any of the supported platforms.

April 2 2010
Students at Japan-Poland Institute of Technology give feedback on SPA version 5

Students at Japan-Poland Institute of Information Technology using SoDIS Project Auditor (SPA) give positive feedback.