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SoDIS™ Analysis

A SoDIS™ Analysis is based on the SoDIS Process® and involves building a project database that maintains information that can be tracked as the project progresses, and be queried at any time and in any order. When combined with a complete set of reports, as in SoDIS™ Project Auditor, analysis information is available at any time in the life of the project.

There are 4 basic steps to completing a SoDIS™ Analysis:

1. Identification of the immediate and extended set of stakeholders in a project.

SoDIS™ Project Auditor provides a default list of stakeholders for each standard project type and provides tools to help identify stakeholders that are unique to a particular project. New project types and default stakeholder roles can be added.

2. Identification of the requirements or tasks in a project.

Detailed lists of tasks (or requirements) can be entered manually or imported as either a Microsoft Project or text file. Any text editor or Microsoft Word Outline may be used to generate a plain text (.txt) file.

3. Identification and recording of qualitative risks.

For every task (or requirement), the identification and recording of qualitative risks, concerning potential professional, social and ethical issues, violated by the completion of that task for each stakeholder is undertaken. Professional development standards are encapsulated in the questions that relate the identified task (or requirements) with stakeholders.

4. Recording of details and solutions of potentially significant issues.

Details and solutions of potentially significant issues that may be related to individual tasks (or requirements) are entered. Information is thereby retained on clearly identified areas of concern and SoDIS™ Project Auditor provides a means for monitoring and recording the progress in addressing those concerns before they become impediments to the successful completion of the project.