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Why use SPA?
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Why Use SPA?

The benefits of undertaking a SoDIS™ Analysis have been well documented (see SoDIS™ Book for summary details). However a SoDIS™ Analysis can quickly become unmanageable without the aid of an appropriate recording mechanism. For example, a simple project with only 10 project tasks and 10 stakeholders results in 3100 questions to be answered.

SPA ensures answering the questions is a manageable and valuable activity:

  • progress through the questions is tracked,
  • areas of concern and their solutions are displayed on screen and also available in reports, and
  • as the name implies, SPA provides an audit of all considerations, including providing reasons why particular tasks (and questions) are considered 'not relevant' to some stakeholders.

    SPA enables Project Managers to keep track of a variety of concerns that may affect the development and the eventual impacts of a project.

    SPA guides users in identifying stakeholders (individuals, groups or organisations) and how they are related to the (proposed) project and its products or deliverables. SPA comes pre-loaded with core stakeholder roles specific to different project types as an aid to stakeholder identification.

    SPA can be used to undertake a SoDIS™ Analysis at any time during a project, and provides the means to undertake a SoDIS™ Inspection Process.

    SPA is used in industry to understand qualitative risks associated with a project, to identify all potential stakeholders (including non-human), and to identify and manage any concerns and their solutions as a major contributor to ensuring the success of the project.

    SPA is used in education to assist students in understanding why all stakeholders in the outcomes of a project need to be considered in terms of professional, social and ethical issues.