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The SoDIS Process®

The SoDIS Process® expands the generally applied software development risk analysis methods by explicitly addressing a range of qualitative questions about the potential impacts of a development from differing stakeholder perspectives.

In the SoDIS Process® the project is viewed as a hierarchy of tasks undertaken to meet the specified requirements of the project.

The goal of the SoDIS Process® is to identify significant ways in which the completion of the individual tasks, that collectively constitute the project, may negatively affect stakeholders. A set of risk categories and associated issues are used to assist in identifying potential concerns through answering a series of questions for each risk category. Once identified, solutions to each concern can be described and tracked to completion.

Although originally developed by Rogerson and Gotterbarn in the context of software developments, the SoDIS Process® applies to all types of project.

The SoDIS Process® can be applied to any stage of a project. For example:

  • during the initial phase where the feasibility of a project may be under examination
  • during the requirements phase that lays out the overall structure and function of the project, and
  • during the planning phase that lays out the plans and specific activities for building the software or required to complete the project.