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For Academics

The SoDIS Process® has been widely tested and applied in tertiary programs in Australia, New Zealand, Poland, United Kingdom, and United States of America over the last decade.

In New Zealand the National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications (NACCQ) has published regularly in their annual Conference series, papers on the use of SoDIS™ Project Auditor in teaching, in student projects, and in commercial applications. (available here)

Most courses incorporating SoDIS™ and SPA have centred on IT/computing. However, students of Donald Koh, Unitec Institite of Technology, have successfully applied SPA to target audience analysis for multimedia studies.

Comprehensive information on the theory behind SoDIS™ as well as the application of SPA can be found in 'Stakeholder and Risk Management with SoDIS' available here.

Academic licensing arrangements:

SPA Academic use

SPA License requirement

Evaluation - 21 days Free 21-day license

Personal use of Lecturer in teaching courses and for research purposes - single installation

Annual free license

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Student access to SPA installation on University equipment - multiple installations

Limited (University) license - valid for one year, including support

No limitation to number of copies installed on University equipment

Note: This license cannot be supplied to Students to load SPA onto their own equipment. See For students

Commercial activities, whether paid or unpaid - single installation

Full (Industry) license required

Upgrade licensing arrangements

Upgrade evaluation license to full license

Purchase on line

Upgrade limited license to full license

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