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POSTED February 14 2011


Poland-Japan Institute of Technology (PJWSTK) completes evaluation of SPA

During 2010 the Poland-Japan institute of Information Technology (PJWSTK) in Gdansk, Poland incorparated the SoDIS methodology and use of the SoDIS Project Auditor (SPA) tool into a new course "Social Aspects of Computing".

Lecturer's observations:

"I really enjoy the idea and usability of SPA. This product in my opinion is extremely helpful in direct conjunction with SoDIS analysis. I believe it is of paramount importance to not be afraid of utilising different forms of approach and different techniques. With the view to achieve greater person to person communication with the resulting possibilities of gaining superior results for the software engineering requirement goals, realising the limits and boundaries previously set and taking them to a potentially new level.

SPA not only meets my needs and expectations, it goes above and beyond allowing me an increased precision and pace of work and in no way compromising the standard or quality. The unique systematization that SPA provides, certainly makes for a greater level in efficient SoDIS analysis whilst maintaining the results in a clear and transparent manner.

I have complete control over every aspect of analysis. SPA enables you to look at every issue from different points of view (approach 'combined task/stakeholder risk'), helps cover any important professional and ethical situations presented to the user (ability to be able to identify any potential issues) and manage risk exposure from start through to its final completion.

The software provides a real ease of use feel and makes the understanding of important information swifter enabling its users to make necessary decisions with much more control and pace (Task/Stakeholder Analysis Overview (Preliminary Analysis) and SA Analysis Overview).

I personally found really helpful those features which allow adjusting SPA to ours needs such as: Manage Risk Categories, Manage Issues, Manage Project Types and Manage Stakeholder roles. All of them allow us to extend options already supplied by SPA to another options which we think are important but where not taken into consideration and should be added to analysed project we need worked upon. I also appreciate the flexibility (option to modify your software to our needs) of SPA such as: Set Task as not relevant to Stakeholder, Copy Stakeholder Analysis and Copy Task Analysis."

Malgorzata Alicja Plotka, Lecturer,
Poland-Japan Institute of Information Technology
Janurary, 2011

Student observations (as reported by the lecturer):

"Students understood the idea of SoDIS combined with SPA, and the vast majority successfully completed their task. They also saw the usefulness of SoDIS analysis in IT project/software development. According to some of the students, a few details of the SPA, in Preliminary Analysis require a little minor adjustment."

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