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POSTED January 14 2013


"The ethics of citizen surveillance systems" - a SoDIS™ analysis published in Information Age

The January/February 2013 edition of Information Age (, a publication of the Australian Computer Society (, contains the article - 'The ethics of citizen surveillance systems', in which the authors Mike Bowern, MACS (Snr) and Carol Boughton, Managing Director Software Improvements, apply the SoDIS™ framework to examine the impact on stakeholders of a system for electronic surveillance of citizens. The analysis centres on two specific stakeholders - an honest citizen and a criminal, and demonstrates there are a number of potential ethical problems for the development of such a system.

Also forming part of the article is a discussion about the applicability of undertaking SoDIS™ analyses as a valuable learning approach to appreciating just what is ethical behaviour and identifying the full range of stakeholders associated with any particular project. Also, that the principles embodied in SoDIS™ are translatable between different languages and cultures.

To find more details about this article, please subscribe to Information Age ( January/February 2013 (ISSN: 1324-5945) from the Australian Computer Society (

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